General Knot & Co. Bow Ties

Honestly, you won’t find much formal attire in my wardrobe. A few select items from Brooks Brothers,  a couple Hickey Freeman suits,  a few pairs of Cole Haan’s… Point is: I only dress up when I need to. Weddings, interviews, cocktail parties etc.

However, in the event that I do fix up, you will always find me in a bow tie. I’m a bow tie guy. Don’t ask me why. I just like bow ties, you know, like Dr. Who. Which brings me to the focus of this post: General Knot & Co. bow ties. Made by hand right here in the US, in limited quantities, using vintage fabrics, these bow ties  can, without a doubt, be considered some of the best damn bow ties money can buy. The color schemes, patterns, and materials used are pure perfection. The prices are also very attractive, ranging between $58-$68.  Check out some of my favorite styles below.

So let’s review:

  • American made bow ties

  • Constructed of vintage fabrics

  • In limited quantities
  • Priced between $50-70

  • In the most amazing color schemes and patterns you’ve probably ever seen

Do yourself a favor and cop several. I know I am.

Photos courtesy of General Knots & Co.

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