Warhorse Workshop is somethin’ else. It’s essentially a story about four friends, whom like most of us, grew tired of the mundane routine of punching a clock  in the morning, returning home at the end of the day with no sense of reward or esteem. These four individuals gathered around the dinner table one day, took each others talents into consideration and conjured up a brilliant idea. Thus, Warhorse Workshop was born. WW specializes in handmade leather goods, all of which are meticulously crafted by Tim. His partners handle the marketing, correspondence, and maintenance of their well-designed website.

The products are gorgeous, extremely well-made, and undeniably unique.

I’m particularly fond of the Native American characteristics that most of their products bear.

They recently teamed up Ebbets on some impressive headwear.

I’m going to sum this all up by just pointing you to the website so you can check out their entire catalog in all it’s American made glory. Be sure to visit their blog too– tons of good stuff to be found there.

All photographs provided by Tim.

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